Zinc/Aluminum Alloy Casting Products

At Golden Pond Metal Die Casting Co. Ltd., we manufacture high-quality, accurate, and superior die-casted molds. Our wide range of product offerings can be used for all industrial applications. From FMCG to electronic manufacturing facilities, these long-lasting and first-class molds are integrated into industries across the globe.
We specialize in manufacturing zinc and aluminum alloys that can be cast into various shapes, sizes, and industrial applications without any mechanical restrictions. We use modern, well-maintained, and exceptional machines to produce products of the most superior qualities.


Our manufacturing process

Golden Pond Metal Die Casting Co. Ltd. uses a highly efficient, five-step process to create the perfect product for our customers:

  1. Consultation: An initial consultation is held to determine the industrial application of the project. This is done to understand the temperature, pressure, and chemical requirements of the mold.
  2. Design: A unique design is created based on the consultation and requirements of the customers. The customization option is available for all customers who don’t want a generic mold for their desired product.
  3. Manufacturing: The mold manufacturing is done in two parts to ensure they can easily be used by our clients in the future. The sections are created such that one is stationary, and one is movable. This ensures easy removal.
  4. Testing: We have a thorough testing process in place that checks the characteristics of the product and its composition. This ensures we provide high-quality products only to all our clients.
  5. Hand Over: Once the mold and product have passed the testing phase, the product is provided to the client for a final quality check and approval.
We also create products in-house that cater to all industrial applications using the same mold. Given below are the most popular products we have manufactured for our clients. Reach out to us to find your perfect mold.