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Aluminum Pressure Die Casting Advantages



Advantages of Aluminum Die Casting


Aluminum is the most common castable of non-ferrous metal today. It has various advantages such as:





1. Highly productive and cost-effective


Aluminum has high thermal and excellent electrical conductivity and due to these properties, aluminum die casting is the best fit for the computer & telecommunications industries.


It has remarkable mechanical properties and is cost-effective than other die casting applications too. Besides, despite being a lightweight metal, aluminum die casting creates durable parts without sacrificing its strength & has a brilliant strength-to-weight ratio.



2. Offers good finishing characteristics and high-temperature resistance


Fortunately, aluminum die cast parts can stand higher operating temperatures than other zinc, copper, & non-ferrous materials. Plus, it has high dimensional stability too for thin walls & complex shapes. The best thing is Aluminum Die Cast parts offer many surfaces finishing options & have better corrosion resistance.


A wide range of surface treatments is also available, including shot blast finish, Solvent paint, ED coating, powder paint, vibratory finish, polish, chrome, & anodize.


Surprisingly, it is not all the benefits that come with aluminum die casting. Yes! Precision Aluminum Die Casting has impressive fluidity, filling, and machinability too! How?





3. High volume plus quick production advantage


Aluminum allows die casting parts to be produced rapidly, and so it is a favorite option for manufacturers worldwide. It is known to boost automotive fuel efficiency by contributing to weight-saving needs.



4. Best for high temperature & electrical conductivity


Aluminum casting has outstanding electrical and shielding properties, which makes it ideal for housing and electronic connectors. Besides, many buildings use aluminum castings in infrastructure equipment as they require heat dissipation too.





5. Recyclable and 100% environment friendly


Aluminum castings can save you money, time, and energy. Yes! Many industries favor aluminum casting as they are fully recyclable and reusable as well. In smaller handheld devices, aluminum castings provide durability with low weight, EMI/RFI shielding, and rigidity.